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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Being kind to yourself <3

I've noticed tons this week I keep saying "That's just my luck"! It's like it's become a bit of a habit to say every time something doesn't quite go right. Like just now I was choosing something for my Daughter to watch on iPlayer and the thing she wanted on appeared to be the only thing that wasn't there!

I like to be mindful of the things I say and the way I talk to myself. 1) Because I'm really interested in the Law of Attraction (which says that what you think you attract) & 2) because ideally I want to be kind to myself :-)

This all links in to my inner panicker; that part that wants to be in control all the time but sometimes can't be. I meet this part a lot lately! And what I'm really looking for is way to say it's ok to be like this but actually I'd like to react a little differently.

And really none of these things are actually bad luck or a big deal or typical of the way my life generally goes. By keep telling myself 'oh that's just my luck' (i.e. things going wrong) then I'm certain I'll be putting that vibe out there that 'yes, this is what i want and expect for myself' - for things to go wrong.

So today I'll be a little more mindful of how I'm talking to myself - but be gentle with myself too. Because I'm learning every day how to be more connected with myself and my feelings and live more lovingly - particularly towards myself. It doesn't always run smoothly but I learn lots along the way :-)

Gemma x

Saturday, 4 October 2014

When all I want to do is sew.................

It’s a wet Saturday and I’m feeling a little resentful.   Apart from being creatively occupied with The Seashack, one of my other jobs is teaching psychology (yes, unusual combination I know!).  I have a new group of students, am teaching on a brand new course and today I simply HAVE to get on with reading the new material and preparing what I need to teach – I could have done this a few weeks ago when I had plenty of time and was not at the stage of feeling stressed about it all, but have been in avoidance mode………   As if it was ever going to go away!   But all I want to do today is complete orders and paint, sew and create new Seashack creations. 

I  was reminded (by Gemma)  to change my perspective on what needs to be done.  A timely reminder as I have been spouting the words of Wayne Dyer for many years – ‘Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change’.  So with these and Gemma’s words in mind, I’m going to treat the work that needs to be done in the same way as any other household chore – just get on with it with loving intention and good grace and once it’s done then spend time painting/sewing/creating and feel satisfied that I have given my best to my work, done what needs to be done and can now do what I love most of all. 

I am grateful for all of my work life and I value the different skills my work allows me to develop – some work tasks are more joyful than others but if I can bring the best I can be to each task, each type of work then I will feel more fulfilled and happy in my life and not waste time on negative emotions like resentment and frustration which drain my energy and make me feel bad about myself.

Now, that feels much better and I’m now feeling in a state of appreciation for every aspect of my working life :).  Just need to keep this perspective going…………….!
Shirley x