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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Feeling the way

Instinct. That buzzy feeling when you know you've got it right? Yay for instinct! I'm getting better at reading it as I get older. And I have to watch myself as the minute I start over thinking it my brain goes crazy and my instinct tunes out.

It's nothing crazy...everyone has it. It might be that excitement you feel...or that buzz where your brain is shouting 'Yes!'. But our rational brain likes to look at pros and cons and then you start factoring in other external factors and often look at what other people are doing. Sometimes you just need to go within and feel what it is you actually want. What feels right for you. Not for everybody else.

Today I was reminded of this buzz and of how different we all are; different expectations, different criteria. It's a good thing. It's great there is something for everybody out there. But the main thing is sticking to what feels right for you - making that decision and not worrying if other people are doing this differently. Stay true to you ♡