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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Eat that frog!

Or perhaps not as I'm vegan!

I remember seeing this phrase somewhere in a book I once read,  It talked about when you have lots of jobs to do, instead of procrastinating about them, pick the trickiest one and do it.  Get on with it! And isn't it so satisfying getting things done?  Ohhh yes!

So I've been thinking about how my life isn't running as easily as it should.  I fully believe there is always time for everything - family/work/personal interests - it's just a matter of organising things to dedicate time to each of these.  I always know there's things I can do that can free up some of my time so it's about time I ate those frogs!

One thing I'm thinking of in particular is our mornings here.  I'm not talking about Mum here but my mornings with the 3 children...trying to meet so many needs and regularly failing to meet mine!  It wouldn't be an unfamiliar scene here to see my ironing the school uniform half an hour before we leave,..or on a  r e a l l y  unorganised day I might even be washing it in the morning!  No word of a lie unfortunately!  So I'm determined to be more prepared for the mornings.  I'm winning tonight as I've ironed 5 school tops and 2 pairs of trousers!  (Never to let things run too smoothly I can't actually find the other pairs but it's ok as I have a few days grace to locate them!)

I tend to spend many evenings working.  It's the nature of running a business around having young children.  And I like it this way - I want to dedicate all the time I can during the day to embracing Motherhood.  Or at least I like the idea of this most of the time! ;-)  BUT these evenings leave me totally unprepared and unorganised for my daytime commitments.  Which also involve running the business but are heavily family-led!

Either way I do believe there is a way to get everything running as you'd like it!  It's nothing new to realise if I allocate some of my evening to preparing for the next morning then it might actually help me a little bit!  But it's something I always put off and never prioritise.  Who knows why...but not anymore (I hope!)...taking this time the night before might give me the time I need in the morning to do things that are important to me.  Such as my gratitude practice...eating...maybe even a little sit down!

What a revelation, hey?  Let's see how it goes!  What frogs do you need to eat today?

Gemma xx

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Getting back to my roots

Some days I just want to create.   Things start to flow, ideas emerge from seemingly nowhere and magic happens.   I like days iike this :)

But they don't come to order And sometimes days or even weeks will pass when it's hard to remember what it felt like to be creatively inspired........... You too?

Yesterday I was having one of those days - the urge to paint was strong but I felt creatively blocked and lacking inspiration.   What to do?  

Desperate to do something I decided to play around with some old canvases - simply to tap into the freedom and joy of creating and,  of course, having fun! (You can see the result below :) ). 

An hour later, I felt much happier and as though I had achieved something - even if that was just reworking paintings that were gathering dust under my bed!   Back to my roots, paints and some yummy acrylic texture paste to bring old memories to life on the canvas.

The joy of creating.......simply heaven! 

Shirley x