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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Birthing our new products!

So, several months in the planning and after much deliberation, we are finally releasing some new products.  We have gone through some rebranding and have reviewed our goals and intentions for The Seashack. All very exciting!

So today Gemma and I stood on a large piece of paper and birthed our new products!  What on earth is going on you might ask?

It’s simple.  Using the concept of everything being energy, we visualised draining off other people’s energies from our products, the blocks and limitations we have unconsciously placed around them being successful and called in supportive earth and universal manifestation energies, designed to help us attract the right customers for us and to receive an abundance of sales.  Not everyone will like our stuff and that's ok, we just want to spread those positive vibes and serve our tribe the best way we can.

Will it work?  We shall have to wait and see! It may look a little woo woo but using energy to create is in fact based on scientific principles so we are in good company :).

It is also fun!

Shirley x

Sunday, 11 September 2016

With Autumn comes change!

I love the fact that we have seasons. We are so lucky to experience so many types of different weather throughout the year.  It's funny how quickly Autumn creeps up on moment you're enjoying those balmy Summer evenings and the next you're clearing the garden away once the kids have gone to bed, and there's a real chill in the air.  That chill can be so refreshing after so many hot nights - especially when you have a really hot, sweaty baby!

I always think Autumn is really symbolic of change too and it feels like Mum and I have been going through such a process of change here at The Seashack. Our little business has evolved so much.  For a long time now we've been testing things out, trying different products, moving towards the direction we now want to go in.  I can't tell you how many set backs we've had along the way.  Sometimes it feels like everything is against you and you wonder if you are really supposed to be doing this?  But something is always there, niggling at you, reminding you not to give up and to keep going!

And it's a funny time of year with all the changes. It can be unsettling and uncomfortable waking up to those dark mornings. And only today I went out and there's Christmas things in your face already! I'm sure it's only just been Summer?! I've realised lately even more than usual that happiness comes from within and mindset has a lot to do with your quality of life. Do you choose to see all the niggles throughout your day or are you mostly seeking out and focusing on the better stuff?

I for one am trying my best to focus on the important things...slowing down to enjoy as many moments that I can...and just living and savouring the chaos and the calm times.

Gemma xx