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Friday, 12 September 2014

Spilt mustard seeds...

Now this looks an intriguing scene you might say!

It is in fact the scene of previous chaos ;-)  I didn't know what to call this post so I decided to go with a literal description!

It's always the same isn't it? You've got young children, you're trying to make the dinner, they are doing everything that you don't really want them doing at that moment. They are of course just exploring and generally being children :-) We foolishly had a pull-out spice rack fitted in our new kitchen prior to having our second child and she's very much fascinated with it right now!  First it was the herbs, then the turmeric (goodbye clothes!) & today's incident was the most fun......hundreds of little mustard seed balls dancing across the kitchen, whilst I juggled 3 saucepans and said little Explorer!

I'll be honest here. My first reaction was 'Grrrrrrrrrr' followed by 'Arrrrgggghhh'! And then 'That's just what I need right at this moment!' I wanted to direct my annoyance to her, this poor little 19 month old dot, who was really just exploring and found out great fun to so a bit of pouring with these cute little glass containers. With things in them! After all, she was the one who had poured them out and caused the mini chaos. But thankfully at this moment my rational thinking kicked in. It doesn't always happen like this but I try my very best to see things from the other side. Today was a good, rational day! So I decided to own it; to take responsibility for what happened. It was no big deal. I put the spices there at her level. Children learn through exploring. She didn't do it deliberately. I felt calmer straight away and better than I might have done over-reacting.

To me, taking responsibility and ownership for things that happen to you doesn't mean letting the other party get away with something. It means meeting halfway and acknowledging there might have been some things you could have done differently. It also means retaining that power instead of giving it away and wasting energy on things that you cannot change.

No harm done, play continues & so does life :-)

Gemma x