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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Why practice gratitude?

For the past couple of weeks Mum and I have taken on a daily gratitude challenge from the book The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. One of the most important things to me is to try to live the most positive life I can. I figure that along the way there are going to be all sorts of challenges, some major and some minor, but if I can build up my own happy vibe, I'll have a few tools I can use to get me through the tough times. Because somehow that's what we do. Life goes on and we keep going. We are so much stronger than we think we are.

Today's task is to dream BIG! (You can follow the other tasks over on Facebook.) I love the idea that like attracts like. When you or good thoughts or there, good things come back to you. By taking time each day to feel thankful for things you have or things you've experienced, or things you don't even have yet, you're putting those good feeling thoughts out there.

There are so many wonderful things to be thankful for!

Perhaps it's the person at the Post Office processing the parcels. Or the delivery driver who brings the goods to the ship for you to buy. The gorgeous sunshine you've woken up to or the lovely refreshing sound of rain which will help the crops grow. The fresh water running from the tap or the feet that carry you all day! On the greyest of grey days there will always be a shimmer of light somewhere. And it's this light you want to hold on to and focus on.

And feeling grateful for the things we want before we receive them is just as important as saying thank you afterwards. Focusing on exactly what you want gives it that positive attention and positive thoughts attract positive things :-)

Gemma xx

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The Magic!

So it all started when a very lovely librarian let me borrow a book even though I have a fine on my ticket and actually shouldn't be allowed! Sometimes I think these very little things can happen but make such a difference!

I had recently got myself in to a (little) rut of negative thinking. It was very subtle and I hadn't even realised I was doing it but luckily I somehow got hold of my thoughts and knew it was time to get back on track. So when this book came in to my possession it was just at the right time it seems!

For the past 9 days Mum and I have been doing the gratitude challenge. It's 28 days of morning and evening practice plus a specific task each day. I really, really wholeheartedly believe in the power of gratitude. For so many reasons. I've seen it make a difference in my life. I've kind of been including the challenge in my life in my own way (if you know me you'd expect nothing less!) & the main thing I've noticed is a shift in my thoughts. If a situation occurs or I start to feel a bit down that voice will start saying 'hang on a minute, you're doing it again...'! It's this very gradual noticing of negative thoughts that is the start of your whole outlook changing :-)

My favourite exercises so far have been about money and they've really got me thinking. I had always realised we must be grateful for what we have but I had never really considered all the things in the past; all the times and ways you might have received money. This is especially important if you're in a position where you always feel you have no money - and are stuck focusing on that. Now though, I realise there are so many ways to feel rich - were you fed? Clothed? Did you go to school? Did you have toys? Did you ever go on holiday? Did you have school books? Were you driven in a car? It's all these things that when you look at them, make you realise you were actually so fortunate - you were given these things freely. You can be so thankful for all these things coming your way.

Throughout the book the message is clear - the more time we can spend really appreciating and feeling thankful for all these things, the more wonderful things will come back to us. I find it all so inspiring and it really does spur me on to see if I can manifest anything I'd like to! I'm looking forward to the remaining 18 days & hope that I can make many of the tasks a regular thing :-)

Gemma xx