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Saturday, 12 March 2016

What's wrong with weird?!

Wow, bedtimes with your child can be amazing can't they? My biggest one might not gaze in to my eyes much anymore (or at all in fact!) but it sure is a privilege watching him grow. It's not always the best time of the day in our house, juggling the different needs of 3 children under 6yrs old! Bedtime can be crazy...very loud...and just like you're banging your head against a brick wall! I'm sure you've been there too!

But he uses it as a time to open up and talk. Which I love! Tonight he's read his whole school book, virtually with no help. When he started school in September 2014 he was only 4 years & 6 weeks & couldn't read at all. Wow, he has come a long way! I loved the chats & the raspberry-blowing silliness & the eventual drifting off. What a great way to start my Saturday evening. So very grateful.

Today when we were out he had taken his trilby-type hat. He went to get out the car and said "No, I can't wear this, people will think it's weird!". He's not even 6 yet! To be honest he's never been the type to worry what others think. So I confidently said, "Erm... what's wrong with weird? It's good to be different, right? And what would it matter what anyone thinks? It's up to you but it looks really good."

He smiled and said "Ok then"! And he wore that hat around the store, well at least until he got bored and it was dumped in the buggy!

This stuff is important to me - to raise kids that have our backing to do anything or be anything they want to do in life. I hope he can find the confidence to not be scared to be creative or to stand out.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Learning to live with imperfections

Life is such a crazy, imperfect ride! And so it should be! I notice more and more how 'in the moment' our kids live. They're present and they don't care much if there's dust or the floor hasn't been swept. Their priorities are focused exactly on what they love doing. As adults we've more responsibilities and I guess it's not quite as black and white as they make it! After all, I need to somehow fit in caring for them, myself & home jobs too. I love that they are so present and carefree though. It inspires me!

Living less perfectly is something I try to embrace. But I'll be honest, it doesn't come naturally to me! I love things tidy...a place for everything and everything in its place - but we also have children who are whirlwinds! I love all the images I see on social media... you know, the perfectly styled homes, not a toy in sight. But although these photos are beautifully inspiring, how authentic are they? Surely everyone's home gets like mine, where you just cannot keep on top of it? (I'm not even going to ask, I know they must!)

I have spent so much time trying to keep our home tidy because I just can't bear the mess! I fully believe that life is too short for tidying and I want to embrace this, BUT I also can't deny who I am and that I like to live in a kind of organised chaos, at least! And because I'm a work-at-home-Mum, I'm here a LOT. I live and breathe the goings on in our home.

One of the things I'm working on is lightening up about the whole mess thing. I don't want to spend our time here stressing, but at the same time I needed to put some things in place to make everything a bit easier. Some of the things that have helped are:

Having less. It's as simple as that. Chuck/recycle/rehome! I'm probably the opposite of a hoarder. Which can be a good and bad thing!

Investing in storage solutions. At least then the 'mess' that you can't do the above with has somewhere to go! 'A place for everything and everything in its place' :-)

Trying not to dump things. I read a good tip somewhere once about putting things away straight away rather than creating endless piles. It's really hard when you have a messy, creative mind! I'm working on it ;-)

I think the best tip is to remember you can't do everything at once. This is my downfall! Make clearing up achievable. And don't miss out on other, lovely things in life, just to achieve something that looks 'perfect'.

Find beauty in the perfectly imperfect things, all around you!

Gemma xx

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

A balancing act!

Family Vs work Vs me-time Vs house-stuff!  I'm certain I'm not the only person playing this scenario round in their head?!  I find it pretty hard to actually get everything clear enough to be able to get productive!  I know Mum struggles too because she has so many interests - and another business! I truly believe there is a way for everyone to find balance in their lives.  It's about getting focused and setting your priorities.  And most importantly, not forgetting yourself somewhere in there!  Which oh so often happens, doesn't it?

Work vs kids vs the laundry!
Don't forget YOU! 

I play out a lot in my head 'I'll do this for me WHEN I've done X' or 'I'll definitely do X tomorrow'. Does it happen?  Hmm......not often!  In fact it's not that I'm not meaning to but I actually forget! That's how low a priority I am, when I'm remembering I have to put washing on over spending some time to read a chapter in a book and enjoy myself!  

But yesterday for the first time in forever, I switched my phone off and I sat downstairs while the kids played and I read a chapter or 2 of my book!  I've read it before but I like to keep hold of my spiritual/self-help books to re-open when I'm needing some inspiration or in fact a kick up the bum!

'The Secret: the power' by Rhonda Byrne
I felt so alive after I'd read just a little bit & excited for so many of the plans in my head!  You'd be surprised how quickly you can change your mood :-)  

Focus on what you CAN do

We can spend all too long feeling down about all the things we can't do or aren't achieving.  But what about small changes we can make to boost us and provide a little more balance?  For me, I often feel I'm not scheduling enough time to enjoy the kids while they're so little.  It's the single most important thing to me - keeping that connection with them.  And I know it's not all about doing 'special' things together and arranging activities.  I'm sure we've all been there with the Pinterest FAIL!  (I think my favourite one was the jelly in the straws that is supposed to come out like worms but actually got completely stuck!) But just spending time together - even 10 minutes playing dinosaurs and spending time in their world makes all the difference.  We did this today and I had such a lovely time noticing little things that I never usually slow down enough to notice.

Our 3 at 5.5yrs, 5.5 months & 3yrs
In the next few weeks there's going to be a lot of decision-making for Mum and I as we look at how our business is evolving.  I'm hoping it'll all fit nicely with family life, Mum's other business and of course time for both of us!

Gemma xx