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Friday, 13 November 2015

Over over-thinking :-)

Today I've got to lunchtime and I'm feeling a bit bleugh. And the sole reason I'm feeling like this is because of me! Yes, I take full responsibility for this. I'm feeling annoyed at myself because I'm a serial overthinker! Funnily enough I don't tend to worry about what others think but spend far too much time planning things and I guess trying to make things perfect. Always getting ahead. As you can imagine I'm a nightmare at this time of year - there's always plenty to plan for Christmas with a family of 5!

When I look at myself I have this 1 side where I fully believe in the law of attraction; that the things we think about are the things we attract. And then another side that just wants to be proactive and try to sort everything out when things aren't going to plan. The second kind of contradicts the first ;-) I am focusing on what isn't happening rather than what I'd like to! You're seeing how my thought processes go, right?! :-D

So on days like today I need to stop what I'm doing, re - focus and be gentle with myself. I can either get annoyed or I can get back to where I want to be - feeling the best I can. What helps me is opening one of my books - something that will uplift me and remind me that everything is ok. When I was younger I used to wallow in my negative thoughts but as I got older I learnt I could help myself to feel better. We are the only ones who can make ourselves happy, it has to come from within us and our thoughts. As much as I love cake and shopping they really are only quick fixes!

So today I've opened The Secret: Daily teachings by Rhonda Byrne. 

The page that opened says:
"Today is the best day of your life."

Yes! Talk about appropriate. How uplifting is this? It totally gives you the power to choose how your day goes. I don't want to feel bad; I want to feel great! So it's up to me to change those thoughts and to look at situations in a different light.

Let's do this!

Gemma xx

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