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Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Starting 2019 intentionally

Like with anything social media has its up and down sides but what I’ve really appreciated this January is all the reminders I’m seeing about it being ok to take the winter months slowly. And it makes total sense!

Have you noticed during the darker, colder months it’s not only so hard to get out of bed in the mornings but naturally you might not feel like going out so much. We might prefer to cosy up in the evening and keep warm, slow down and generally lead a quieter life. It’s ironic that Christmas, one of the busiest times, occurs during these slower months!

But this year I’m seeing January differently. For some it’s a month of cold and nothing...perhaps you feel down as you return to work and try to set aspirations for the year that might seem impossible. This is where intentions can be tricky because I believe our bodies aren’t always ready for so much ‘doing’. I’ve found a little voice in my head urging me to ‘go go go’ to try and keep up with the pace of others who seem to be creating and achieving amazing things. But deep down I know I have to go at my own pace.  It's so important to listen to ourselves and not feel the need to keep up with everyone else - it never brings you any true joy when you try to be something you're not.
So I’ve eased in to January slowly, whilst making some intentions for the year ahead. The action part will come but I’m going gently and being kind to myself when my body tells me I want to detach a bit from the January goal-setting madness. Self-kindness is SO important.

 How much of the time do you spend self criticising and having a go at yourself in your head? You aren’t doing enough and so-and-so is way ahead and you’ll never get anywhere in life if you don’t get a move on! I’ve been there and still do get the niggly head shouting at me BUT I’ve learned to thank my ego for coming to remind me of the things that I want to do and I tell her that I’ve got this sorted thank you ;-)

What I did decide at the beginning of the year is that 2019 needs some focus if I don’t want to end the year feeling like it passed me by in a flash and I hadn’t been certain of what I wanted to achieve. I’ve realised that without some clear intentions (and I’m talking very specific here), it’s hard to reach where you want to. I’m not talking about pushing and hustling and being a go-getter because I’m always going to want to approach my life in my own, steady way. But intention setting and then carrying out on the action needed to make these things happen is kind of my goal for the year.
So I have picked a word for 2019 that would help me focus this year. I thought about what it is I want to do and how I want to feel. I looked at where I struggle the most. So my word is SIMPLIFY.

This is in the sense of really committing to what it is I want in my life. Keeping decision making quick and purposeful. Not getting bogged down in details that stop me from living the life that I want to – and cause me much added internal stress! And this has so far helped me so much to focus in January. When things get dodgy (and I’ve had a couple of tricky decisions to make already) I come back to this word and check in with whether my values and feelings are in tune with it. This word is so important to where I’m at right now and the person I am stepping in to.
AND in the last week I’ve decided to add another word to keep me focused and that is COURAGE.


Because saying yes to things and believing in myself is another hurdle to get over some days. Courage to speak out, courage to say yes, courage to say no, courage to put myself first, courage to check out if I need it, courage to take the adventure, courage to forge in to the unknown, courage to make a mistake, courage to just be me!
And this year I fully intend to make the most of life, make some of my dreams and intentions become a reality and more than anything to have fun :-)

 Signature - Gemma