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The Seashack was created by us in 2011 as a way to spread positivity through creativity.  Back then we sold handmade items with quotes on but after a couple of years it was time to reassess our business, stop playing safe, and focus more on the things we really wanted to do; sharing our own knowledge of self development with you!

Speaking out about the things you're passionate about takes courage! 

We have both come from a place where we didn't really value who we are.  We always put our needs to the bottom of the pile, whilst struggling with negative thinking and feeling overwhelmed.  Belief in ourselves was pretty low!  It isn't until you start to learn more about this stuff and choose to change things that you really realise what has been going on.

Ultimately, we are all human!  It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, there will be up days and down days and plenty of days in between.

The Seashack is a hub for self kindness, self awareness, re-awakening & connecting with who you are......and so much more.

We currently offer a range of encouraging stationery, self care boxes & affirmation cards.

Please look out for e-courses, mentoring & creative classes coming soon!

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