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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The chaos that is creativity!

Creativity is a funny thing because sometimes it's all there and you're having a wail of a time and sometimes you feel like you've nothing. Kind of the whole 'artist's block' thing. And the problem with having a creative mind (or at least my creative mind!) is that it's hard to quieten. But without that quiet space creativity doesn't flow so well. You know, just how it likes to hit you just as you're trying to drop off to sleep!

Lately there's a lot of self doubt, self criticism and comparison going on in my usually fairly confident head. My mind is not nice to me sometimes! I've been feeling a lot like this. Like I could be more organised and I could improve on this and that. And yes, it would massively help if I was more organised, let's be honest! But what isn't really helpful is the self-attacking because all it does is drag me down, not change anything. And it's funny how quickly you go off track and before you know it you're way from the path you were on before!

I've been thinking a lot about this self criticism and I've realised I've spent so much time in the past unconsciously worrying what I create isn't as good as others. But actually it seems that how other people see you is very different to how you see yourself! I want to see myself a bit more like this I think :-)

I love having a creative, crazy, jam-packed head but I just need to learn to channel it to be most productive. To trust & hone in on that instinctive vibe that tells me it feels right; It's ok to be different; things are unfolding perfectly, just as they're supposed to; everything is going to be okay. And most importantly, I am perfect as I am :-) Oh, and it's ok if during your beach painting you suddenly decide you'd rather paint trees and possibly a washing line and bunting instead! Instinct said so ;-)

There's lots and lots to learn along the way - pretty exciting, huh?

Gemma xx

Monday, 9 February 2015

Choosing gratitude ♡


Defined by Oxford Dictionaries as 'The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness'.

It was a few years ago now that I realised that the best way to pull myself out of a dark place was to practice gratitude; to spend time noticing all the positives in my life, however few there seemed. As many as I could possibly list. Until the good thoughts overcame the less-good ones. And at that point I had succeeded because my energy would always shift and I'd feel happy again :-)

So last night I felt a bit like this. I've been so tired lately and not eating as well as I could (which hugely links to mood drops for me). But I couldn't shift this grey cloud...a general feeling of bleugh. I feel very fortunate that these days I seem to have quite a good balance to my life and there are very few dark days or even dark moments. I do believe over time your mind becomes accustomed to new ways of thinking and I think perhaps there are lots of factors why I'm on the whole mostly a happy go lucky sort of person.

So when I began to feel rather lacklustre I knew I needed to help myself to get out of this moment. Especially as I have an old and ingrained habit of wanting to wallow and not help myself! Kind of self-destruct mode where I definitely in that mood don't want to feel better for some bizarre reason.

So I took the initiative. I forced myself to do the only thing I know how to do (which of course in my negative state I was convinced wouldn't work!). And sometimes you really do have to talk yourself in to these things! I began to list things I was grateful for in that moment. I looked around me for every little thing until I filled up that paper. I find the more you can list, the more powerful and fast the result. It's yet to fail me and this is why at The Seashack Mum and I are so passionate about gratitude and why it can help so many of us every day. My energy changed and the real me was back!

I challenge you to try this when you're in that low place - to look for the most littlest things to be grateful for. To choose to shift your focus and energy on to better things. For it's the littlest things that can change the world <3

Gemma xx