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Friday, 23 October 2015

Autumn leaves are falling......

......and the days are getting shorter. Where is the time going? :-) 

We haven't blogged for a while as there has been such a lot happening. Mum has been busily holding the fort whilst I gave birth to our 3rd child mid - September! 

He is now 6 weeks old and life is slowly returning to 'normal' as we adjust to life as a family of 5!

It's been really lovely watching the other 2, who are 5 & 2, bond with him. Things can be somewhat chaotic with a trio of differing needs but I think we're managing pretty well so far; taking it day by day; not descending in to a mass panic, etc!

It's a really lovely time of year too isn't it? We celebrated our wedding anniversary recently which makes Autumn extra memorable. Plus the colours are just stunning at the moment. There's an air of change around and of course that impending excitement of Christmas not a million miles away!

I'm gradually easing my way back in to working, just in the evenings at the moment. Lots of sketching out ideas and the odd bit of making. Mum has been working on new designs and producing stock for Christmas. 

We've introduced a few of the designs for 2015 on our website and the full orderable range will be available from early November.

We'll also be holding 2 events on our Facebook page which will be the perfect opportunity to buy one-off, readymade items. The first event is Wednesday 4th November & the second is tbc.

Busy, exciting times all around :-) Check out all the action behind the scenes over on out Instagram page, plus pop over to our website to browse all our latest products :-)

Gemma xx