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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Finding balance ♡

Wow I am so happy to welcome Spring! It's such a lovely, prospective time of year with so much loveliness happening around us, especially in nature. I'm so enjoying the slightly warmer weather and being able to put those gloves and hat away :-)
It's been such a funny 2015 so far...the start brought so many dreams and aspirations and of course, as such is life, they've not quite played out exactly as they were supposed to ;-)
If you follow The Seashack on Facebook you'll know we've been very infrequent in our posting and just generally quieter than usual. This is partly down to me being 15+ weeks pregnant with our 3rd child! Whilst I'm feeling fine now I'm definitely feeling the pinch of having 2 other children, a house to manage, school runs, trying to fit in creativity which is hugely important to's a case of generally finding BALANCE... :-) Which brought me to writing this!
It can be really frustrating at many ideas for the business and creativity is really very healthy for my wellbeing. I love being at home to look after the children and manage our everyday needs but when my focus becomes solely on these things I start to slowly feel a little down. A creative outlet solves this for me and my only issue there is making time! It's something I'm hoping to work on in the next few weeks so we can develop the ideas we have and take baby steps forward.
I've also been working this year, in my tired, nauseous state, to generally simplify our lives. It's meant doing a lot less, no dashing here and over-promising what I can deliver and no taking on too much. It takes practice! At times I feel a bit lonely spending so much time at home with my 2yr old, between school runs, but it seems to be the only way I can keep on top of the little things that otherwise seem to make me feel stressed; the washing (I mean actually managing to hang it up - she says, with yesterday's load still in the machine!)...the dishwasher...general housework/making the beds. But I do intend to try to balance this a bit more and get us out, especially with the weather changing. Although we seem to have a girl at the moment who won't even go in the garden, quite content within these 4 walls it seems :-)
It's been nice to write this down and spend half an hour doing something creatively productive while the kids play. I can feel already I've done too much today...too much on my feet...not enough resting...I'll learn to look after me soon hopefully...!
Gemma xx
P.s. I found the lovely words and photo on Pinterest from The Maven Circle