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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

"We're all just living on one big rock"

Sometimes you just have these days, don't you? Where something small could make you internally combust! Today isn't one of those days but I was thinking about it as I opened my stamps to stamp some mini signs and I realised they were upside down and now they've all fallen out! 

I'm a bit funny about trying to keep them in order. Actually it just makes my life easier and stamping is much faster when they are in alphabetical order. On a different day I mightn't patiently sit here and put them all! 

But today they've been put back and in a moment I'll start the job I've been meaning to all afternoon. I get distracted easily...although when I'm inspired to write I like to put pen to paper then and there or the idea goes. I often ponder what to write it meaningful enough? Does it have a moral or an inspiring story? Well perhaps it's just something that's good for you - another form of expression - a way to make sense of some internal feelings that might be hiding in there. 

And so I shall continue with my stamping. It's nice to feel calm today as I don't always feel this way...To see everyday 'things' as no big deal and to just let the wind carry me :-) On the subject of things being no big deal, I'll leave you with a profound quote from my Husband this morning:"We're all just living on one big rock"! 

Amen to that :-)

Gemma x

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